Friday, November 14, 2014

Cafes in Delhi - Amici

Amici - Khan Market
Vidit Bhargava

Amici is perhaps the most Authentic Italian cafe you’ll find in Delhi. The moment you enter the place, you know Its not the regular Italian food you get in the city. There’s little indian-ization done to the menu. You won’t find Paneer as a topping here or a super spicy pasta, what you’ll find instead is some really different and exciting Italian food. The taste can take sometime getting used to here. At first you might feel its a little too bland but the taste actually grows on you and eventually you like nothing other than this!

Of the pizzas, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try their calzone verde. It’s a completely different pizza. The pizza is folded here, so the toppings and cheese are inside it. The cheese is slightly different from what you have on your regular pizzas and the taste is awesome! 

If you are looking for a pasta, I suggest the Arrabiata, It's pretty good!

But What’ll really make your day at Amici is the Italian beverage by the name of “Spremuta”. It’s something you’ll seldom find anywhere else and it’s got this slightly tangy taste to it and it’s highly refreshing.

As a cafe Amici is nicely constructed, especially the mezzanine where you get a good view of their wooden oven on one side and the balcony on the other. The space isn’t cramped up or cozy like Big Chill and that is in fact a good thing, you can even bring your work along with you, this is also one of the quieter cafes. They even had a bladeless fan from Dyson sometime back which is much less noisier than the normal ones. The service is quite decent too, on one occasion, the manager didn’t hesitate to make a trip to the chef to clear our query about the ingredients.

To sum it up, if you like Italian and are in Delhi, Amici is the place to go and once you get a hang of the taste, you won’t like anything else!

Rating: ****


P.S. Didn't get time to click the photos, Used Zomato's instead, so thanks to the Zomato users who posted the images there. (The Spremuta is mine though)