Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EA Sports Cricket 09 - Pre Release Features

We all cricket game fans are keen and waiting for a new Cricket game to come from EA after their 2007 release which had lots of bugs.
I know we all have given are suggestions at the - EA Sports forum but how often do they consider the suggestion just 3 to 4% of the suggestions are taken in.

So, I have a list of features which will probably be there in this version:

  1. More Shots for the 360 degree controller
  2. Inclusion of Proper Free Hit and Powerplays
  3. A new graphics engine
  4. means better graphics and also because they have used the old for a long time now
  5. Licenced kits and players from the Asian countries also (India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan). [Thought there is not much hope of it being correct]
  6. More licences of Bats, and probably Helmets aswell
  7. They also might get licence to names back.
  8. Ashes 2006-07 Scenarios, and T20 Scenarios (Only for licenced teams)
  9. T20 world Cups (2007 and 2009 with correct schedule)
  10. Minor improvements in Create Player
  11. Removal of the World Series and addition to multination tournaments (ODI)
  12. Inclusion of T20 Special Kits.'
  13. Inclusion of more stadiums, better whether conditions, larger grounds and day/night matches(right now they are either day or night), and better pitches
  14. Other Minor improvements to bugs.

Though I still believe only a few will be there in the official feature list even though the expectations are very grounded.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

EA Sports Cricket 09

Hello every one!
EA Sports Cricket 07 was quite good, but it has been 2 1/2 years Since we have heard any news about a new Cricket game though still there is no 'OFFICIAL' news

Just there have been a few indications which say that their might be a Cricket game on PC ONLY by EA for the T20 world Cup in 2009 latest by 8th May 2009. Some websites show that the game is going to be released by the name of EA Sports Cricket T20 World Cup 2009; while some claim there has been an official information of the game, by EA to them.

I don't whether this is true or not but I am also waiting for the new Cricket game.