Friday, April 10, 2009

Indian Helmet Patch

Bored of the Unlicenced kits in Cricket 07 and want to make a kit for your team?
Things you need:
Fshed Graphic Importer Plugin

Changing the Helmet Logo
a. Open BigGui and follow:
File > Open > 'Cricket 07 Root Directory' > Data > data.gob
and Find file : '18e2ea3cae20e0960d8cbbd56392e731.fsh' and follow:
Edit > Export > 'Folder you wish to export it'

b. Open Fshed
(First you need to download the Fshed Graphic Importer Plugin and save the dll file in the plugins folder of Fshed root directry)
File > Open > Folder you saved the image in > 18e2ea3cae20e0960d8cbbd56392e731.fsh
Object > Export > Click the button '...' > enter file name & extension (.bmp)

The file shood look like this
c. Open Adobe Photoshop and Open your file which you have saved
Take another picture of the BCCI logo.
Select the logo (choose the lasso polygon tool to select only logo"without background")
Paste it on the helmet image and resize it to paste over the lo
go already present there.
Your photo should look like this now
d. Open Fshed again and open 18e2ea3cae20e0960d8cbbd56392e731.fsh and Follow:
Tools > Graphic Importer > Open > 'the file in which you edited the helmet' > Update
File > Save

e. Open BigGui again and follow:
Edit > Import > 18e2ea3cae20e0960d8cbbd56392e731.fsh
It will ask you to change already existing file.
You are done!