Sunday, October 07, 2012

BLUNDERS - A Request to Hindustan Times

Vidit Bhargava

Hindustan Times was recently crowned the most read Newspaper in India. Perhaps its the most read. Perhaps its got many brilliant writers, but throughout the year, I've seen a few massive blunders from the most read Newspaper of all time. Some of them, are misleading Headlines. Some of them are serious factual mistakes, others are mistakes that cannot be forgiven.

I can remember three major blunders that the Hindustan Times Made Most Recently. I'd Like to highlight them here:

23rd September 2012: A Rather funny mistake. Looks like the writers were half asleep, or this section was handed to someone who hadn't watched cricket in his life.
Just Goto the Sports Page on 23rd September 2012. 

10th July 2012: A rather small piece of mistaken journalism or misleading headlines. The Date is 10th July 2012. The Headline: Apple Releases Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which is misleading because the OS X Mountain Lion didn't come out before 25th July. However, the content explains it was a Gold Master release for Developers. Forgivable Yes. But, Nonetheless a Fast class example of Misleading Headlines. Targeted to Attract Visitors.

1st July 2012: This is rather a matter of national disgrace. HT Brunch the Magazine Hindustan Times gives out to its readers reports. The Year, of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks is mentioned to be 2006. What does one do with such journalists?

Official Link (the Official isuu account of HT Brunch) : - The news is on Page 8 of 24. 

A Sincere Request to Hindustan Times. You guys are the most read Newspaper in India. You shape country's opinion. Such blunders just mislead/ misguide and perhaps anger the audience too. 

P.S. Perhaps I've made a few grammatical errors in making this post. Forgive Me.