Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Super Computer

We have all been talkin about what are super computers I have a config. if it is put in a cabnate the computer will be be working faster than our eyes blink:

1 Thz (Tera Hutz) processor
Intel Core 2 Duo
3TBterabytes) RAM DDR2
100MRB(1024 TB = 1 MeraByte) Hard Disk Space
1024Bit 4d Accelarated Grafix Card with 1 TB vRam
Direct x 100 compatible sound card
USB 10.0 with 10 USB ports
Now what's a Fast Modem?
1TB per second
An updated Drive
Blu Ray Disk Re- Writable Drive
Cost :
INR 50,000

I'm Sure you'll be waiting to buy it if it's available at that cheep cost

It's just a joke

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Access at Modern School Barakhamba Road

We had Gaming 1st Round Today i.e 23rd December from 10 am to 1 pm there no announcement made for gaming till 1 pm Then we talked to one of the organisers they said "We had gaming prelims yesterday and now you can't compete". We were shocked so we talked to Mr. Gautam Sarkar the head of the event he said the organiser to let me play and after that on FIFA 2006 I qualified for the finals but just when the finals were going to start the organiser said I can't play the finals and After they talked to my sir they said me to play from quarter finals again and they had send one of the biggest gamer sitting there for my re-quarter finals and they had even given him the Gamepad as a result I lost 6-o. Isn't that cheating