Monday, January 04, 2010

The truth behind Apple's Tabletmac!

Every time an Apple event is about to come, there are lakhs of speculations about the new Apple Tablet or shall we say, the new 'iSlate' or 'iGuide' or 'Tabletmac'? Every now and then there are reports of domain names being purchased, people claiming to have seen the Tablet device, or even stating its release date (January 26th 2010 - The recent one!)

Last time before the September 9th event, all Apple fans had their hopes up for the new Tabletmac. Their hopes were shattered and smashed just after they saw this board! :D :Music Event! eh? You probably don't expect a laptop or Tablet PC to be released here! So again the 2 year long hope of a Tablet PC from Apple were shut in the box.

Come this december and again the rumors started flying. ; This is the link to Kaifu Lee's blog! Who's Kaifu Lee by the way? He is the ex-chief of Google China. This person states in his blog that the new device will weigh less than half as much as a MacBook Air, though it was unclear whether the message was speculation or came from Lee's friend.

Having said that, Lee wouldn't have had any actual experience of the device he is talking about as Apple inc. is always very secretive about their products until the very end.

Some other rumors involve photos like this; with a caption : 'Proof of Apple iSlate's existance':
The Tabletmac in this case is my speculation of the new device coming from Apple. According to me if there is an Apple Tablet in there. This is the most likely version of the tablet.

Finally, we are at a point where nothing is sure. This isn't to say of the confirmation of the Apple Tablet but we still can't deny with speculation from media running faster than ever. The 26th January 2010 event exists & there will be a mac release in this(according to paterns).I suspect that Apple is decreasing its prices not that the economic recession has eased off & Apple will be upgrading the specs which are quite drowsy at the moment! Also I am hoping of a new product launch this month from Apple.

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