Sunday, January 03, 2010


Rating: *** 1/2
Vidit Bhargava
Welcome to Pandora, the movie is nowhere on Earth but a moon named "Pandora". Here a group of of doctors have set up a laboritory where the Avatars of visitors from Earth are created there DNA is mixed with the DNA of the Natives of Pandora but one of the members is dead! his brother who knows nothing but the manual about the project joins. Soon the Militants also reach there or he reaches
with the militants. Now this guy Jake Sulley is acting spy to Pandora natives.

Soon their Avatars are ready and Jake Sulley's brain is teleported into the brain of his avatar he controls the avatar when he is asleep. In his avatar he is meddlesome and gets into a lot of trouble with the animals there. Then he meets a Pandora native (can't remember the girl's name), he is tought by her, the rules of Pandora while her collegues don't approve much of that.

Here is when the story gets slow, and we start feeling why are we here.

James Cameron soon realises that and the actuall intention of the movie is revieled just
before the Intermission and we find, the US militants are here to take Unobtanium from Pandora which on a sacred tree, which is actually the home of Pandora vasies. They won't hesitate to kill the alien bread (like they ever did).

The war begin's and so does the most interesting part of the movie. The movie is such well loaded with gr8 backgrounds that you forget about the acting. Now Jake Sulley's mind changes and he starts helping the natives. The story is predictable and so is the movie. Its the extensively imagination of the writer and the way it is projected on the screen, which saves this movie from an ultimate wreckage.

I guess it is the entertainment value of the movie, not the base script which is more gripping here & ofcource not to mention the imaginative world spun by James Cameron. Like it for the experience of an outside world in the cinema. I recommend to watch it in 3D.

This is my favorite scene from the movie


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