Monday, January 11, 2010

Consumer Electronics Show - Tech Giants go crazy

Consumer Electronics Show 2010 held in the first week of January was a complete let down if you look at Tech Giants like HP, Dell, MSI, Samsung and Microsoft. Google however launched their mobile device (manufactured by HTC) Nexus One, whose leaked pictures where all over the internet months back.

Starting with the craziest lot this year; The Tech Giants. Each company begins with a motive show something original, something new or even different sometimes but a few of them seam to have lost their path somewhere this year. The CE show is meant to showcase the new advancements their making to the technology world. However the laptop and technological device section was miles away from originality factor.

Microsoft was perhaps scared by the rumors of the Apple Tablet launch. They have for long cheated Apple's software but the point here is the rumored tabletmac which was confirmed by WSJ recently. Around time that Microsoft realises that their company was not made to copy Apple but to provide the world with good technology. Times have changed, everyone knows the inside news. Microsoft made a last minute announcement that they will be launching the HP slate. HP slate was just the beginning of this crazy ride of slates going on, apparently 'iSlate' is the rumored name of Apple's tablet device so all of them named it their slates.

Other companies were busy launching awkward devices all of them named some sort of slates and more prominently ebook readers or classwork books. The event seemed more to be an attempt to upstage the non-participating giant Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. wasn't only the CES target, internet shopping site 'Amazon's ' original book reader was redesigned by MSI, copied by Samsung and others merely gave this as a special feature to their 'slates'.

These were the let downs but HEY, not every one makes a slate.

Google's nexus one's images were leaked weeks ago. At this time if there is a phone which competes iPhone 3G S. It is this one. Google isn't like the NOKIA's or HTC or Windows Mobiles which just try to rip off iPhone capabilities and end up being Sued! Google did something different this time, perhaps the right way. They established their Android OS platform in the later half of 2009 and now have launched this mobile which has a stable OS, something different and something borrowed from iPhone. The phone is no sub - standard iPhone copy with these many features but you still can't tell about the 'touch' experience. Is it like HTC's or Apple's ? Only reviews will tell that.

TV was also running on the footsteps of Tech Giants. One company (can't tell which one, as every one launched the same thing together) came with an idea of 3D TVs & others replicated it. Sony, Toshiba, Onida all fall here. Had they thought in providing better services in Television rather than this crappy stuff, giving 3D glasses to people and showing them how their premature 3D television works. Almost everyone provided the same. The idea itself is astonishingly crap. Showing 3D on TV is nothing but showing off what you can do today. 3D can be appropriately used to make environments which make you feel you are at the very place itself, none of which I saw this year. Only place you feel here is the Pandora of Avatar on your Television or Computer screens. I won't like that myself.

Cameras also have started providing HD recordings (1080p) at cheaper rates but nothing much interesting was there.

CES 2010, Las Vegas won't last as a groundbreaking memory at all but as an attempt to copy each others work. The sincere use of technology was never on display. There was no attempt provide utilities rather they've provided nothing new.

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