Saturday, January 30, 2010

iPad an oversized iPod Touch? Not really!

Vidit Bhargava
I really don't want to comment on the iPad news twice, i had actually stated it as a good device with some minor problems which will be corrected in due course of time but it seems my last article was short of one thing, the iPod Touch 'n iPhone factor! I must admit i couldn't collect all the points that time. So here i am with a much detailed article, on why iPad works and what makes it a bit of a problem. Also you get a clear picture of what this device talks about.

According to Techtree:, the iPad looks like an over sized iPhone, first of all, iPad should be compared to an iPod Touch not an iPhone as it would be very awkward for us to hold a giant clipboard towards our ears, think!

Next, if it runs a modified iPhone OS, I have no problem (neither should the masses have) until it fails to perform the tasks it specializes in. It is better having an iPhone OS on 10" screen than having a crammed up version of the MAC OS X which certainly would have impressed many critics. This reminds me of multi-tasking which for once is a problem with iPad but you can ofcource listen to songs while doing your work, read the email from where you had left last time & continue with you're work in iWork even though you hadn't saved it the last time you pressed the home button! Still the problem is, there is no easy switching between these apps, which i would suggest, can be corrected by popping up the bottom semi-transparent tray to let navigate through running programs. Again, Would you prefer a super fast iPhone OS which does the work very easily or a crammed up slow PC software or MAC OS X? I would prefer the modified iPhone OS to a slow and crammed up MAC OS!

Lastly, do you really believe iPad as an over sized iPod Touch? Can you read a book so easily with your iPod Touch? Will the e-book experience be the same with iPod Touch as it is on iPad? Will iWork work on iPod Touch? Will iPod Touch ever be able to provide the same photo viewing experience as iPad? Does the A4 Chip from Apple = Samsung 32-bit RISC ARM 1176JZ(F)-S v1.0?

The answer to all the questions above is just one: No, The iPad is superior at doing that!

Think Digit gives out 10 reasons why iPad fails:
"Remember, it's meant to be better than a netbook." Did the thinkdigit writer really go to the conference? Steve Jobs discards Netbooks as being cheap laptops, he never said his iPad will be better than a netbook. It could never be, but undoubtedly the iPad has an edge over a few points: "Browsing, Email, Photos, Video, Music, Games, eBooks", When did you ever see a person being able to play NFS Shift on a netbook?

Secondly he points out at no flash support. Which is more or less a true but Apple has started a venture with Adobe which allows the Flash CS5 (will be released by spring) users to create Flash games and programs for iPhone OS platform & of course if you haven't experienced iPhone, you wouldn't know the iPhone supports Flash ads and also we have spotted Flash video running in iPad's Safari in one of their ads, so i keep my fingers crossed on this one!

No USB Port.. No SD Card slot.. No HD-Output-hmm... is this meant to be a laptop of sorts?

Essential peripherals sold extra. My definition of essential has never included an extra keyboard when you already have one on the screen, neither does it include a dock when you are supplied a full charger.

Another iPhone type Operating Read the above article carefully!

If you've ever used Apple apps, they've got class, they're store is much better than the so called "Open Store" of Google and Nokia and yet they provide 140,000,000 apps and more.

Lastly if you need the iWork to be free of cost or atleast be embedded in the iPad by default. Have you ever heard of an Office Suite except Lotus (which is open source) to be free or embedded in your computer by default?

They're right on one point though, the camera will be missed, this device would have become a dream device to conference with its inclusion. I want a camera in the iPad V2.

And again will 64GB be enough for the world? I think you're not going to have more than half of it filled once you work on it.

I don't question the writer's opinion but it is my take on the two very trusted websites of India, which are giving information on iPads without deeply studying the product (again my opinion). Many who have experienced the iPad in they're hands don't go by its looks. I am no representative from Apple but still I accept the device for what it gives us.

iPad is just as cool as iPhone (don't think i'm comparing the two) but as the iPhone had a few problems in the beginning the iPad too has them. This device has got a few minor and major problems which may be rectified by the next version of iPhone OS. Don't yet loose you're heart fan-boys and neither do these bashing reviews about iPad provide any inside. We have to wait for the final product to draw the conclusions 'n don't forget there's always room to improve!

On Final notes iPad has the potential to replace the paper, even without an e-ink display!

Please note that I had no intentions to harm the reputation of the two sites I mentioned above, these sites are free to express they're opinion and remain one of my favorite sites till date. I was just giving an example of the web chaos about this particular Tablet 'n trying to sum up the info.

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