Thursday, January 28, 2010

No room for a third Mac

Yerba Buena Center of Arts in San Fransisco was the place to be yesterday! It experienced something Apple fans had been speculating for years, The iPad. Yes the Tablet we have all talked about for years was finally announced. Sounds like a device we dreamed of for years but wait until you hear the reception from those anticipating its release.

Lets come to it straight away the product clearly states an "i" in the name, what does that mean? It means its neither an iPhone nor a Macbook its different! Its an innovation! Don't expect it to work in case you're hoping to buy a small laptop. Its not meant to be that (Though, we wanted it!).

Apple iPad is a big iPhone, running an iPhone OS 3.2 with capabilities nearly matching a netbook. Yes at around 20,000 bucks the iPad comes with nearly netbook capabilities, still you like it! Its the feeling which is more than any thing else. What iPad does is everything that an iPod Touch couldn't do, with its small screen interface yet it is not your new third Mac!

You wake up... take a cup of coffee to your dining table, there's something else on the table in a nice case with a half eaten Apple logo on it... You open it, no need of the newspaper mate! It's in there... you skim through the headlines then pick it up, place the cover, keep it in your empty school bag and go to school ------> In school u open it, read your text book from the shelf and take down notes.-----> Back at home it's time to read your copy of Harry Potter, you open the iPad again and read it! Finally you can do the homework with pages and then play your favorite game! All that without any paper work, and without having the hassle to switch on your PC or Mac! The possibilities are endless, only if you understand how to use it!

Coming to the hardware specs, it will be a crime to mention how smooth this thing runs, its faster than a netbook guys! Boasts a 1GHz Apple A4 Processor. It has a ten inch screen and it's .5 inches thick. No USB ports here, surely you need to understand what they're making. :)

I'm worried about a few things though, the OS for instance is a let down for the iPad but you need to wait, remember when we got the iPhone? It didn't even have SMS forwarding or MMS but now it has! even a Video Camera is present! You need to wait for the next software update we might see a multitasking iPhone OS in our hands by June.

The reception by critics and fans wasn't good, they've disproved of the product completely but they need to understand what this device can do, you cannot deny apple hasn't improved they're products in the past, this too is bound to do the same or they'll fail. I still keep my fingers crossed for the final product may be it improves somewhat!

P.S. : It raises my expectations for the iPhone too, are we going to have the same OS? The same apps? If they're there. iPhone might just take over as the best phone ever! And the Earth Keeps spinning!

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