Thursday, January 28, 2010

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Vidit Bhargava
Rating: **** 1/2
I'm probably very late in writing the review (the book released back in 2005) but as I had taken up reading just months back 'n my first series being Harry Potter, I've finally read the 6th part of this epic saga! What lies ahead is a twisty part... which i don't want to think about! Coming to the main part, the 6th book, the half blood prince!

Harry Potter the boy who lived, the chosen one is all set for his sixth year at hogwarts! Lord Voldemort is back in power he is still alive and all Harry is doing at school is having special lessons from Dumbledore who is giving him an insight to the memories involving Lord Voldemort! Is this important? Yes, as the book goes on you'll find it is! Meanwhile at hogwarts there's a new teacher, Horace Slughorn. Old Sluggy gives Harry a used book to do his classes, surprisingly the author has done out cuttings and scribblings which are very useful to Harry. The book belongs to the Half Blood Prince.

I haven't read such a book ever, it is surely one of the best books of all time, that was just a small overview of the long yet exciting adventure of Potter. It has everything which makes it an epic saga. Not even a single word is useless every word, every sentence's got its ties in the later half. I read one chapter per day but I can't deny that I wasn't tempted in what will happen next!

Who said only visuals take you to a ride, where you feel one of them? Books do too. While reading the book, I felt I was one of them, the wizards. When he and his friends felt happy, sad, angry, when they cried... these feelings were felt by me! Really how a book should be, it makes a connection between the writer and the reader, which sadly wasn't in the movie of the same part.

A book which inspires others to read! Rowling has spun the world with such perfection it's hard to believe it doesn't exist! The book is just 607 pages long, but takes you through a journey you wouldn't have experienced ever!

Joanne Rowling also gives out words of wisdom all through the book, the book has highly effected my vocabulary, my English was never better!

At the end, if you haven't read this one, or stopped reading Potter books from the 5th part which was boring or you don't like teen books, read this one for starters, you'll become a fan of reading.


Aditya said...

HBP was one of the most boring Harry Potter books ever written. I didn't like it much, except for Quidditch. If you read Deathly Hallows (if you haven't already), you'll give it 9/5. It defines awesomeness.
I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, having read each of his books seven times.

virtuoso Vidit said...

I found the Order of Phoenix boring but the HBP part had twists and turns and that cave part was really very good. I'm reading deathly hallows and thats really interesting too.