Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nokia 1202 - Review

Vidit Bhargava
Mobile Phone : Nokia 1202
Manufacturer : Nokia
Body Make: Mainly Plastic
Operating System : Primitive Nokia OS
Screen : Monochrome

In the age of the Touch Screen Multimedia Devices which have an Application called the 'Phone', here is a phone with the most primitive settings of all, nothing absolutely nothing at all when it comes to third party applications and Slick looks. No Touch Screen, Not even a Radio App. Absolutely nothing at all. Yet it is a phone I have and I own. Is it worth the money spent?

To Start with lets begin with the Hardware. It is a small, slim phone with the a plastic back and a small screen of just 1.3". The keypad is comfortable and the speakers are also fine. Since it isn't a fancy music phone you won't find that good a speaker quality also but it is decent. Overall it is a sturdy simple design which works for me.

The Flash light to is very handy!

Coming to the Most Important part: The Phone: The Operating Frequency is EGSM 900/ GSM 1800 with Automatic switching between GSM bands. So this works with most of the SIMs out there in the market. The Voice Clarity in phones is really very good. Although by default the volume is set up to a really high volume and you may end up telling your most private conversations to the world, this done the phone works pretty well.

Battery Life : This is a real stunner, well not really. Since the device consists of a monochrome screen and very primitive features the phone is bound to run for a very long time. It does and does well pretty convincingly. The phone runs for maximum 5-7 days (that's is awesome when a college student uses it, too many calls I tell you!).

Software : Not much to talk about here. A Simple Primitive Nokia Software, well designed for the monochrome screens. The software includes a few handy utilities like the Calender, Calculator, Timer, Stopwatch and Alarm. Yeah, those things every phone has but having them on this phone is good enough! Oh and yes you get the Snake game :D

What Suprises me though, is that the Phone comes bundled with a Set of A.R. Rahman Classics (as ringtones and alarm tones!). Yup! Something the most advanced phones today won't give for free. The whole Of Connections album is present here. This is one of the things which make this thing just Awesome! :P (n that's only in India!)

This is a "Phone" and it does an awesome job doing that. That's its plus point.

I will suggest this phone to those who want to buy a phone which has a good call performance. Not a phone which is good at playing Games and multimedia stuff.

At a price tag of Rs. 1500 ($30 approximately), it is a phone worth the money. There is just one thing that does pinch, is the blue-grey color model, it is pathetic. I prefer Black (much better!)

Rating: *** 1/2 [Worth the money Spent!]


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