Sunday, May 09, 2010

4th Generation iPhone. What to expect?

Vidit Bhargava
Since we all know that the iPhone WILL be launched in the WWDC 2010 Conference on the 7th of June. Many are speculating about how the iPhone will look like or what is it bound to pack in. Here is the round up of the things which can be expected to arrive, with the arrival of the new iPhone.

1. What is almost certain?
The new iPhone is most probably going to give us the Video Call feature. Hence, providing a front facing camera. A back camera with larger mega-pixels and flash is also expected. This may range from 5 - 12 mp. Half HD video recording is highly probable. We can expect a larger display and the iPhone might just get even more thin. iPhone might just have a different type of back (a change in appearance is also very certain). The front however remains the same. Better Battery Life is obvious.

Inside, the new iPhone is likely to carry an Apple A4 chip but whether it will be 1GHz, it is still uncertain. the new iPhone will come packed with the iPhone OS 4.0 and with a host of other features.

II . Things that are still to be answered.
Continuing the inside, the apps which are only for the new iPhone are quite uncertain. I have a certain probables:
1. iChat : Speculated by most and the most likely. When a front facing camera arrives, the iChat app also makes sense. The app will allow users to Video Chat.

2. iWorks : if Apple packs the A4 Chip, iPhone will become capable enough to run the iWorks app.

3. File Management : Apple might just decide to give the users File management. This might just work on the principle of of other file managements apps like Air Sharing. Where you can map your iPhone to the computer wirelessly and transfer files. With Apple bringing this app, this will mean that you can also download a few formats of files and save them in your virtual disk. Apart from File Viewing, Files may also be edited if iWorks is introduced.

4. Home Sharing : Quite simple, like you can share your music between all PCs and MACs you can then also share it with the iPhone.

III. Gizmodo
Not many leaks regarding Apple's product are considered seriously. Every bunch comes up on a forum, and has a set of grainy pics. However, when Gizmodo the tech journalism site announced that they had foundas the real next generation iPhone Prototype, it was different. They've come up with a solid story of a lost iPhone which is the next generation iPhone but Whether fake or real we have only Gizmodo's word on it.

Gizmodo's 'leak' tells of a tale of an innocent Apple employee who had lost his iPhone on a birthday in a bar, and some one had picked it up and when he saw all the data wiped of. He tinkered with the covering and found a new iPhone beneath. He gave it to Gizmodo @ $5000 and yank yank yank yank... one can go on and on about the depth of the story.

Is it the real thing? Many evidences indicate its the real thing. First of all, there is an FCC code on the back side and a where the capacity is printed is this : "XXGB" these things point out it is real. Also Gizmodo claims that it received a letter from an apple executive to return the iPhone. The design some how looks a real.

While many evidences point its real, many point its not. First of all, the design doesn't seam to be an Apple make, it just doesn't look like Apple's work. A rounded-edged cuboid with a shiny aluminium rim and aluminium buttons, with all those many cuts and wholes. Also, Would Apple's employee be so careless as to take the new iPhone in a bar filled with all that lot of crowd? Even if he was, would Apple allow a '20 year old employee' to use the iPhone outside the vicinity of 1 infinite loop? And the story has many loop holes

Whether or not the Gizmodo leak is actual we don't know. We'll come to know about it on the June 7th. But we're certain about many things which will definitely arrive in the iPhone and we speculate the others.

PS. We use Gizmodo pics because they are the most convincing.

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