Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Movie Review

Vidit Bhargava
Rating: ****
Directed By: Guy Ritchie
Actors: Robert Dawney Jr. (Sherlock Holmes), Jude Law (Dr. Watson)
If you don't watch this one, you've certainly missed 130 minutes of entertainment. Ever seen Indian mystery movies? You actually sometimes know whats going to happen next. However, this movie bears the name of the famous detective novel and you always have your expectations high with such movies. Does it live up to the expectation? Can we perhaps, know whats in store for us?

The Plot: It's very simple, In the 19th century, Lord Blackwood(reminds me of Voldemort from the Potter Series) a dark magic performer is caught by Sherlock Holmes from the Scotland Yard and sentenced to death for committing 5 murders of innocent people. That's closed then but, but then this guy rises from the graves and starts killing more people. More dark magic is involved. Can Holmes unravel the secret as to how Lord Blackwood returned from the death bead?

Half the movie gone, you'll find yourself appreciating just the sets of medieval period, acting and Holmes' detective and action skills. You won't have the faintest of idea on what's going on. Holmes and Watson just move into hay wired shops with no connection. Its just good then, you're rooted to your seats, to not miss any action in the second half.

The sets as I told above are very good. The set up of the 19th century Britain is flawless. They are picture perfect. The old carriages, the tower bridge in construction, the pentonville prison, restaurants with lanterns and the whole practice of dark magic is well researched and well made.

But you hardly get time to appreciate that because Robert Dawney and Jude Law take most of the action in the screen. They add life to the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. I cannot dream of any other playing this character.

The screenplay is very well written, Sherlock Holmes' swift detective skills or the wonderful climax are just some parts of this well written mystery. You yourself try to solve the mystery with these people, there seams nothing possible for the climax but still when the climax comes you are left open mouthed.

The only possible problem with this movie is that you may end up using more brains than you intend to, so this one will not please the ones who love no brainers like De Dana Dan.

This is the first Sherlock Holmes movie I've ever watched, and I'm completely impressed. There is no flaw in this ingenious movie. This one is truly a must watch.


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