Saturday, February 06, 2010

Discovery's New Channels in India

Vidit Bhargava
Being a Tata Sky user, I got the privilege to see the 2 new channels of Discovery Channel; The Discovery Turbo and Discovery Science!Although, It costed me a new add-on package but I'm pretty happy with these channels. While Discovery Turbo talks mostly 'bout cars and bikes and aircrafts, Discovery Science (The Science Channel in the US) does the Science & Technology department. Both are of my interests!

Talking of Discovery Turbo, as I've just started viewing these channels there's particularly one program which I like very much; Wheeler Dealers, which is hosted by Mike Brewer and Edd China. This one is exciting for those junk wars (Discovery Channel program) fans! They take up a working car with gloomy exteriors or interiors and give it a make over.

A Bug for Beetle was the first one which I watched. They had taken up an abandoned almost fully destroyed Beetle from some scrap yard and given it a makeover of a beech car. Yeah, None of Beetle's exterior or interior was left, they scrapped it for some shiny ones. The Only parts left were the main machinery. Next I watched a Mossy Mazda, converted into a stylish racing car. Not much was changed here in terms of appearance but the technical work was awesome!

Wheeler Dealers provides a good amount of technical information as well as a lot of facts we didn't know!

P.S. Can you believe it, Edd China the mechanic in this program has won 4 Guinness Book Records.

Discovery Science is yet to be searched well, I've only seen 2 programs so far, one is something like How we do that, or... I don't remember the name properly but it were good facts and techniques assembled in one program, which proved out to be pretty interesting. The only problem was, the same time Wheeler Dealers was coming & it was far more interesting.

The ads offer something unique here. I saw Buzz Aldrin (for those of you wondering, he is the second man to land on moon), talking 'bout his experiences of that venture. One of the ads also features Dr. Michio Kaku (I'm a fan of his), explaining his concepts of Fusion & one where he tells about the string theory!

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