Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name is Khan - Review

Vidit Bhargava
Rating: ****
Every body keeps saying watch the movie. stars tweet that too. But is it even worth watching? Did every body just promoted the film or it wasn't needed for a film so good?

The Plot: Khan is determined to meet the president of US. He is on a journey and keeps writing in his diary. Also this is a love story but this time its much more sidelined than ever. I am not disclosing the plot in detail!

The first thought which came to my mind after watching its theatrical trailer was...Again?Didn't we have enough of 9/11. Thats gone surely, this ones another story with many sub-plots and 9/11 being one.

The acting is done excellently by Shah Rukh Khan and others. The dialogues are exceptionally well written (I had lost hope for any good dialogues after watching De Dana Dan, Blue & Dil Bole Hadippa). The story is a little loose though. However, the screenplay covers that up. Direction also has been good. The movie is gripping, you never feel bored and tired.

Still there is one area where the movie fails, the length. The movie could have easily been 15 minutes shorter in the end. (Karan Johar has been doing that since a long time)

Also, The movie is a good tear jerker. That works both in favor and in opposite direction. I don't see many people coming out of the hall smiling you know! but still its OK works for me at least.

So all in all, Its a movie that will be liked by most of the people. Well, one thing you would've noticed in this review, its different as I haven't talked about any of the many messages in the movie. Well they were there and many of them, and yes they are well put also. So thats it, MNIK is a must watch.

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