Wednesday, March 07, 2007

EA Sports NBA 07

US, November 13, 2006 - It can be difficult to measure the worth of a ported title to a newer, more powerful console. Inevitably, people will make comparisons to the previous version, gauging if the transition to the new system is any better (or different) than the original game or if any glitches or bugs have been fixed between versions. Most importantly, fans will want to know if they're missing anything by not buying the game again. In Sony's case, their first party basketball title, NBA 07 came out less than two months ago on the PS2 and PSP, and it's helping to lead the charge onto the basketball court for the PS3. But is this version of Sony's basketball title any better now that it's made the leap into the next generation, or should this game be benched for poor play?Getting Ready For the SeasonApparently, the athletes in NBA 07 paid attention in digital training camp when they made the transition from the current gen to the PS3. Simply put, both your teammates and your opponents are much smarter than they ever were on the PS2. Players now actively run their assignments as if they're actually playing basketball, closing down lanes and sticking tight to their man or their zone. A lot of the defensive issues, such as approaching an offensive player on an angle or immediately taking yourself out of the play on steal attempts, has been addressed. Now, your players will slide in front of the defender and either put a body on them or throw their hands in their face, slowing down or stopping fast breaks and making quick jump shots much harder. What's more, the AI will start to decipher what you like doing a lot faster than before, forcing you to change up your tactics during transition play. If you like perimeter shooting, they'll start doubling up on the wings, which will make you pass the ball inside

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