Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cricket 07




With the new option of select the gameplay difficulty in stars I started with '*'stars the game aftr 2 to three days became very easy to play in 10 Overs but difficult for 50 Overs. The game gets to difficult to play until you have a big mid-order partnership if its made then you might gain in points as your partnership made a base for other. The Powerplay facilty too is available and you have a licensed Twenty20 cup to play as well as a licensed World Cup schedule. Though the games easy but it's fun to play


in game features are many and many But some drawbacks are EA has got licenship for the names, faces, likenesses and Stadia for 4 Countries other teams all have fake face, likenesses and names too but you can correct the names by going to MY Cricket and then squad mangement

The next is create player and I must say now when the've added loads of commentry names every one will get a commentry name near to his name.

The Commentry It's an OK job by Richie Banaud but flauless commentry by Mark Nicholas I Must say EA should add more commentrators

The Gameplay: 9/10 *********

The Others: 9/10 ********

Overall 99/100


Arjun said...

I played this on a PS2, but found it very boring. I know commentary is very nice, no doubt, but the gameplay hasn't been chnaged mch from '06.

virtuoso Vidit said...

Ya! but looks gud when you r hitting AI for 6 sixes in an over