Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Evening With JoliCloud

Vidit Bhargava
JoliOS or Jolicloud is one of the rare fascinating Linux Based Operating Systems, that have appealed me. All others, Fedora, Open Suse, and What Not are on the Same Lines as Ubuntu. The Father of those operating system and by far the most widely used, and accepted Linux based operating Systems. All others seem to have gone to the Gallows. JoliCloud is however different. You can see that, in the above Screenshot.

The New Brilliantly and Uniquely Designed UI of the JoliCloud strikes a Chord, amongst the youth. It is funky, it is intuitive and it is the sort of thing you would love to use.

Coming to the important part now, What is essentially different from all other Operating Systems. Just the UI? No of course not. It is the Cloud in the JoliCloud Which makes it so JoliGood To use. Everything is on the cloud. From your Microsoft Office (You heard it right) to Your Music Player (I am currently listening to music over the cloud). Even your desktop loads through the internet. It is a cloud based operating system through and through. It takes "only" 4GB of Disk Space and liv es and works on Web Apps and a Nicely designed Chromium based Webkit Browser.
WebApps: The WebApps are good as well as bad. While WebApps like Office Live, SoundCloud Player and Dropbox make the operating system top-notch. The WebApp Market hasn't evolved much yet. Unlike the Mobile App Market or the Software Industry. The WebApp market hasn't actually had a launch-pad yet. It has potential, yes. In the age of 3G Internet and Broadband Access, The WebApp market 'can' make an impact. However it is growing, and yet to reach a stage where a main-frame operating system can lead. Having said that, JoliCloud has a few notable WebApps:

1. NewsMap: Simple RSS App. Gives an Attractive Metro UI sort of feel to the whole NewsFeed thing. And Makes News Reading an Slightly Easier Experience

2. CloudPlayer by SoundCloud: This one is fun. I have always liked the idea of a web-based music player. And with a sort of library that soundcloud possesses is ideal for CloudMusic. CloudPlayer gets a thumbs up from me!

3. Mougg: It is the Same Music over Cloud idea as SoundCloud, but this time, you have a private cloud to share music. So, You can listen to only your favorite songs.

4. OfficeLive and Google Docs: These aren't actually web-apps, I won't call on them so. While Microsoft Provides the familiar Microsoft Office to all "Computer" Platforms, Google Docs lacks that popularity but extends help to everyone who needs it. So both Mobile devices and Computers are in-sync. Also Google is more simple and hence better if you ask me.

5. Simplenote: One of the most elegant web-apps of the JoliCloud Platform. Simple Note is just Simple. You get a two-column layout. One displaying your list of notes (Synced through web and covering all mobile devices) and the other displaying your current note. By Far my favorite.

JoliCloud also comes pre-installed with a VLC Player which provides the best software for Watching Video. And then you have Youtube to look videos, which play without a problem.

These apps need no-reviewing. They are good, as I mentioned before. But They are less. And Indeed very less. Hence, building an Operating System on it works only to some extent.

The Lack of a Graphics Software, poses serious threat to the usability of the Operating System, all Linux based OS have a GIMP but this doesn't have it.

Games are a big problem, with this cloud-based OS. Unless, you aren't a big fan of web-games you will find, No reason to use this OS for Gaming. It is Horrible at it. Believe me!

Performance wise, there is not much problem, SoundCard Drivers are pre-installed, Multimedia controllers o fmy keyboard work well, There is a little problem with NVIDIA's Graphic Driver, and some sort of glitchy-wild-image with binary digits appears every time the computer goes to sleep, but overall it is at par. Also JoliCloud loads faster than ubuntu. There is also a lack in the number of fonts that come installed with the OS, not many.

I would conclude here, by saying, You can chuck your windows operating system for JoliCloud if you are using a netbook or windows based tablet. But JoliCloud Has A Long Way to Go to Actually Pose a Threat to Windows, or other Linux Platforms. Oh well, on a brighter side it does provide a new option to use linux.
JoliCloud is not for Tech-Savvy it is for the Web-Savvy audience.

-- JoliCloud OS also comes as a Web-app for Chrome.

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