Monday, April 26, 2010

Raavan - Music Review

Vidit Bhargava
A.R. Rahman comes back after the music of Blue - hmm.. many don't know that however its true! Raavan, the name itself gives a mythological feel to the whole atmosphere before the release, I mean you expected Blue's songs to have that rock feeling and we expected Raavan to have that mythological feel, we heard in Jodha Akbar. However, it turns out to be different!

The first track is "Beera" you all might have heard it surely in the trailers. This one has a fresh feel of the African beets and lyrics. Surely this is one of the best tracks I've ever heard and one of A.R. Rahman's awesome composition. It is one gem of a track which will top the charts almost instantly. The only problem is that the track is just 3 minutes long. I wish it would be more! To sum it up it's a perfect album opener!

A.R. Rahman slips into a soothing grey song - Behene De. No doubt the song is even better. Strong musical beats with one of the best lyrics by Gulzar, the track is as good as its predecessor. You can listen this song in infinite loops, and you won't get tired listening it. It is just too soothing!

Returning with a hard beat track - Thok De Killi, this one is a really good track and has a really power full feel. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, the song is as great as it gets. Brilliant Music, and the lyrics might feel a little badly written in the beginning however they are good in the middle and towards the end. Another track which is just awesome, though not as good as the 1st and the second.

Next comes another slow track - Khili Re, This song for certain is an evergreen track, you can listen it endlessly. It flows through. A peace full track that is certainly needed in an album. Of course it won't be liked by all , However its certainly of my taste! Reene Bharadwaj sings it quite brilliantly. And of course the lyrics are awesome again.

The other two tracks include Ranjha Ranjha, which has good music and good lyrics but it's certainly not a track you'll hum among your friends. Good Track but its just good there are 4 other awesome tracks in the album. and of course there is the last track Kata Kata, it is average, I mean, we've heard quite many similar tracks in the past (those marriage tracks that come every now and then). The music is of course good but overall the track is average.

So All in All, Mani Ratnam has given A.R. Rahman the opportunity to experiment and he doesn't fail. He's in Perfect form after Blue which from his standards was just good and after some time, he's been provided with some really great lyrics by Gulzar and the selection of singers is just perfect.

My Pic: Beera, Behene De, Khili Re [I've uploaded videos at the end]
Rating : ****


Behene De

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