Friday, April 30, 2010

A B C Murders - Agatha Christie - Review

Vidit Bhargava
Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: Harper Collins (Gr8 new covers again!)
Detective: Hercule Poirot
Monsieur Poirot is not the detective to look for bent blades of grass, the footprints and the cigarette ends. Its Physcology that interests him. So whatever Christie has written with Poirot concentrates on the minds of the suspects not the place of crime (of course it is there but secondary). This book is no different.

Plot: A serial killer is on the loose, one who is determined to play games with the great Hercule Poirot. But can the Belgian detective come to grips with the mind of a psychopath? With the help of Hastings and Japp, Poirot must travel the length and breadth of England. Is he always destined to be too late?

The first thing I noticed after opening this book 'in all the excitement after reading that brief synopsis' is ... "The book is not in 3 person!" A big disappointment for me. I honestly prefer 3rd Persons to 1st Persons or 2nd Persons.

Going no more further in the narration of the book. Let's get to the review, The book has a surprisingly steady speed. However, Chapters end on an exciting note and make sure you are excited what will happen next.

The 3rd Person Narratives thrown in our exceptinally well written, they just make the book a new feel. They're really very good and one of the best part of the book A B C Murders.

The Climax is the best. The book is in a very steady speed and in the Climax comes an unexpected acceleration which just works so well.

However the book is strictly for patient ones, or detective novel fans. In the middle of the there are suprising things told only to the reader (not Poirot!) which may sometimes make the casual reader feel .."Ooh, now I got it, I don't think there is much left in the book!". I suggest wait till the end!

Also Inspector Crome with his "Oh Yes!" is a little annoying. He takes the fun out of Poirot's investigation of the case and is one of those dominating characters one never likes, but it is intented to be so.

This time again Poirot does it well, his manner actually works very well and the climax, it leaves your mind spinning. And when Poirot Explains, why wouldn't it!

Aussi, Christie uses those common French words in the Poirot book! Mon Cher... Eh Bien? and others which are hard to remember. Also, I've learnt a little french also! :) .

And one more thing, whenever I read A B C , it reminds me of the book! Such is the slow but heavy impact it makes on readers.

Eh Bien! The book is extremely good. Again a Bestseller and again a Must Read. On of the books which just outwits you, and leaves you Bamboozled. However its not a book to start with for the casual reader! I'll give it 4 stars and leave you with a remark from the book "The Case isn't finished till the Motif is known!..."
Rating : ****
P.S. My Brother says I'm on a review roll, I agree. I'll soon be writing in other forms also! Just keep reading and Please Provide feedback, it is highy needed.

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