Sunday, October 01, 2006

Zune By Microsoft

MIcrosoft Launches there counter part to iPod Earlier they introduced Zen Vision M with Creative arts bow they get their own mp3 player

Music is, of course, a deeply personal experience. But far more instructive of the human condition than that, music is all about sharing.
Ever since our species learned to communicate musically, we have been sharing music- in our celebratory and sacred rituals, to listening parties, through the "you got to come down to the club and hear this great band" invites many of us still extend to our friends and partners.
And if you drive by your city’s concert hall tonight, you’ll note that there are thousands of people inside. Most are either in couples or small groups-where one in that couple or group told the other(s) about this act, or this concert appearance.
And that’s what so cool about Zune, the portable music player that Microsoft formally announced earlier today.

Zune has a wireless-enabled, player-to-player sharing feature that, um, iPod does not.

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