Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well the wait is over now u don't have to wait any more for the clues and the answers
Search around the blog for some clues and try making answers.
And one of the biggest clue is in the Quiz Post


FraNkzZ_SwoRd said...

these are just guesses but lemme know if i am correct

1. Vidth
2. virtuosovidit.blogspot.com
3. iPod shuffle Clip
4. Zune
5. Zen Vision M
6. Electronic Arts
7. Counter Strike
8. Sims Pets 2
9. Need For Speed Carbon
10. Vista RC1

virtuoso Vidit said...

Hey! Good Job!
But did you get them with the help of the clues or did it yourself.

Well!Also try out PHENOM FOSTER 1 at mphenom.blogspot.com!

FraNkzZ_SwoRd said...


virtuoso Vidit said...

Now!Don't be modest! No one was able to solve that! These were as you know ASCII Representation of Words.

Is there a spelling error in the first

FraNkzZ_SwoRd said...

HEX TO ASCII actually

virtuoso Vidit said...
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