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Inside Out - Review

Reilley's move from Minnesota to San Francisco isn't exactly smooth

Vidit Bhargava Hidden inside the wonderful world of InsideOut is a tribute to the Reality Distortion Field, often associated with Steve Jobs; A comment on how careless people are about 'facts', and a reference to the booming startup scenario in the Silicon Valley and having to cope up with moving to a completely new city. InsideOut's details are sharp and the plot boiled down to the simplest possible form.

When Reilley's parents decide to move from Minnesota to San Francisco, her world's about to change, both Inside and Outside. Inside the 11 year old's brain reside Five Basic Emotions, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, taking turns to control Reilley's Actions and collectively controlling the generally peaceful headquarters of the brain. But things go awry when Sadness, the often neglected emotion, begins to tinker with the core memories.

Pixar creates a delightful world with InsideOut

The most interesting part of InsideOut is the brain. Pixar constructs a simple world full of wonderful things which Joy and Sadness end up exploring. There's a brain headquarters which control Reilley's actions, her actions define her memories which land up in the brain as shiny little balls and while most of them end up in ‘Long Term’ Memory, a library of sorts which contains a lot of memories stacked together in giant shelves and maintained by the ‘brain cleaners’, some memories form the core memories of Reilley. Which in turn define her behavioral ‘islands’ like Honesty, Family Values, Goofiness. Then there are tiny little ‘adventure parks’ too, like Imagination Land where Reilley's imaginary friends reside or the Dream Creation Place where dreams are projected. There's also a 2D world, where you end up as Picasso like objects (The favorite part of my film was to see the transition from 3D to 2D to just shapes). InsideOut throws In words like Core Memories, Long Term Memory, which would otherwise be suited more to a computer class Than an animated children's movie but these explained so simply that it's hard to think that anyone would have a hard time understanding them. InsideOut is a ride you'll love to take and the director spends time in letting you discover the details.

Long Term memory is a library of memories

The Brain has been very systematically made. It's not simple by any means but the complexities have been presented in such a way that you want to visit the carefully structured world. It's beautifully designed and well constructed. This has been a long standing strength of Pixar. From the carefully crafted world of Toys in ToyStory to the fine world of Fiats, Volkswagens and Racing cars in the Cars (Highly Underrated), they create worlds that you'll just love to visit again. InsideOut is no different.

InsideOut poses another interesting question though, fundamental to the movie's plot: Do joy and sadness in everyone's brains go through the same ride that Reilley's emotions went through? Do they comeback or do some stay back in long term memory for very long? It's when you start to ponder on the uncanny partnership of Joy and Sadness, that you realize how their sync is highly important. InsideOut associates these events with growing up, Reilley moving to her teenage years. It is a very interesting indeed.

Sadness and Joy need the sync

In the nearly pitch perfect world of InsideOut what sticks out though is the slightly jagged speed with which the screenplay moves in the second half, and even more so when the focus shifts from the characters to the beautifully created background, it's beautiful but it's best in background, but then again it's a kids story and they won't mind a peak into an extremely creative brain.

I saw this movie about ten days ago and the characters have stuck with me, the idea of tiny little creatures controlling a person's is extremely interesting. Few movies have this kind of impact, and coming from a an animated movie, is only an indication of how far the medium has gone into making extremely special movies.


Pixar's InsideOut is the best movie I've seen this year. It's easily one of the best animated movies ever made. It's a movie that just can't be missed.

Rating: ****


P.S. A note to theatre owners and Disney India

Its one thing to offer viewers the relatively new experience of 3D, it's another to ram that stinking pile of garbage (3D, Ofcourse) down our throats. I wish theatre owners and Disney India in particular understood that no one gives a damn about watching a movie in Three Dimensions with the help of an extremely unhygienic pair of glasses.

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