Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Imitation isn't flattery. It's Stealing

Wait? That’s not LookUp advertising?
Yes. It’s not LookUp the elegant dictionary advertising. It’s another supposedly “visionary” startup which has just begun its campaign called LOOK UP. 

As the co-creator of LookUp ( A dictionary app for the iPhone ), I have a message for
In the ad, promoting your “LOOK UP” campaign, you call yourself visionary, hardworking and game changing. Visionary. Hardworking. Game Changing. That’s What you aren’t! (Or at least that’s what you show us, when you so shamefully copy our branding and spin out an advertising campaign on it!)

This is what our brand looks like: 

Just as much of a growing brand is in it’s space, we too although small are in a similar position in the app business.

Blatantly copying our brand and logo isn’t right. I’m not sure how your conscience allows you to do this. Some may say, Imitation is the best form of flattery. But Personally, I’m not flattered. We spent a lot of time in making our logo, deciding the name. I’m not flattered by you blatantly stealing our identity. To quote Sir Jonathan Ive, “Imitation isn’t flattery. It’s stealing.”

Vidit Bhargava
Creator, LookUp: An Elegant Dictionary
Cofounder, The Tangible Apps

If you haven't tried LookUp yet, here's a link:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What were you watching on youtube? "Uttama Villain Official traier" XD

Anonymous said...

Why are you bragging about your app? Its a coincidence clearly. I think HackerNews sums up everything for you and might gave your greater prespective to think, matter of fact your post has been flagged and killed from there. BTW you might have got a hell lot of App Downloads from this maniac of yours! #JustSaying.

Vidit Bhargava said...

^ It takes time and effort to create a brand identity. And I'm fine with Housing using that logo along with the name Housing but the trouble kicks in when they use the name LookUp instead. (That's pretty much how they had promoted it in yesterday's front page), the up-sign with LookUp, is identity for our app. Someone using that constantly, creates confusion in the minds of the buyer.

Since, Housing is so extensively advertising their LookUp campaign, to a new buyer it makes it look as though 'our' logo is an imitation. (harsh reality about popularity distorting facts).

Again, I am fine with Housing using their upwards pointing logo with the name 'housing' but not along with the brand LookUp.

P.S. ^^ Was watching the trailer of OK Kanmani (a tamil movie with awesome background music)

Vidit Bhargava said...

This post wasn't made for a boost in app downloads. Nor does it brag about the app.

Anonymous said...

Feel bad for you Vidit. Use of either "look up" or the "logo" could have been a coincidence. But calling use of both a coincidence is fooling the world. Guess this is how a large agency and a set of funded hot headed guys try to drown out something utterly shameful.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a coincidence.You ask 100 designers or for that matter 100 guys who are not designers to come up with logo for 'Look Up' chances are more than 2 will come up with same logo.

P.S. You should add hyperlinks in your post.People look for your app link on itunes,they hate to copy paste in the browser.

ALI KHAN said...

Look up logo for housing is relevant and defines the purpose of the firm, thats is providing shelter. Look up for another top real estate website in Mumbai