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Lootera - Review

Movie: Lootera
Director: Vikramaditya Motwane
Music: Amit Trivedi
Actors: Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Vikrant Massey, Adil Hussain
Cinematographer: Mahendra J. Shetty
Adapted Screenplay: Bhavani Iyer & Vikramaditya Motwane
Adapted Partially from O'Henry's Last Leaf
Running Time : 135 Minutes

Vidit Bhargava
As I walked out of the theater, there was a group of young university student's talking about how boring the movie was. Evidently, they didn't like the movie. They couldn't have been more incorrect than that. The movie isn't boring. It isn't bad, rather its awesome. Its steady & being steady turns out to be great for the movie.

Set in the early 1950s West Bengal with the Zamindari system on the way out. Lootera is a story about a Zamindar whose land is to be used for excavating for clues of a new civilization by an employee of the ASI. What follows next gives this Movie a Romantic & Thrilling turn and talking about the plot any further will give spoilers.

Craftily directed, Lootera isn't about loud dialogue exchanges or much action or about animated (excited) characters. Lootera is crafted with soft voices, beautiful landscape which play an important part of the story as well and long pauses which convey much more than what melodramatic dialogues would. The music as well has been blended with the background score giving the movie its extra edge. The meticulous use of the landscape, silence and dialogues by the director is what makes Lootera unique to its genre.

While the first half's based in 1950s' West Bengal with a steady and even pace and has largely a romantic edge to it, the other half's in Dalhousie with a slightly more thrilling turn of events giving the movie a slightly faster outlook. Actors, Ranveer Singh & Sonakshi Sinha play their parts wonderfully. Its Ranveer Singh who was earlier seen in Band Baaja Baarat, who surprises with his acting skills and does wonders to the character of Varun. Vikrant Massey as Ranveer's  friend is witty and charming while Adil Hussain performs his role with finesse.

Amit Trivedi's Background Score and Soundtrack is brilliant. Its perfectly blended into the movie. The Music sticks to you even after the movie in a good way. This one's an award winning performance by the young National Award Winner. Mahendra shetty's cinematography is picture perfect & infuses life into the movie. Its the cinematography which makes this such an enjoyable experience. Dipika Kalra's editing is snappy and is just about right & with a running time of 135 minutes the movie never stretches too long. The 1950s set creation is also perfect, from the Old Benz to the character's attire, there's a lot of detail in there.

The most talked about point of Lootera will be its pace. Its quite a steady pace. Some might even consider it slow. But the slow pace gives the movie a calm environment to portray its story which Much unlike Barfi where I found the movie slow for an unnecessary show of artistic tapestry and some heavily plagiarized and recycled humor only suitable for 6 year olds or so. Here the calm surroundings and long pauses convey a deep meaningful story.

Lootera is a must watch and probably the best this year. Specially the end, which leaves you with a smile as you walk out. This one's surely a masterpiece by Vikramaditya Motwane. I couldn't really find anything wrong with the movie apart from the fact that some might not appreciate the steady pace. Going with 9/10 for Lootera.

Rating: 9/10 ( Gem of a movie)

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