Saturday, December 11, 2010


Vidit Bhargava
Have, you ever wondered if you could get your article published in that coveted tech-magazine that goes on every bodies doorstep? You might not have had such good luck at that...
Ok, You all are aware of MVDIT TECH BOOK (Our e-zine which gives the most unbiased view of the latest trends and technology). Fine even if 'you' don't know: in a gist, me and brother started creating this monthly e-zine three years back. It is meant to give only the month's first-rate news. What happened... What was the new game that came... How was that mobile anything and everything is there on this roughly 20 page long eZine.

What we need now is contribution, we have only two permanent writers (that's me and brother), while some of our friends contribute once or twice. We are in search of young bloggers, who can write constantly on technology (Like an article once per week) with a little bit of wit.

You just need to keep writing, and keep submitting, we will put the best articles in our eZine while others go straight to the website atleast (Some still wont make it, though "Since we moderate the stuff we publish").

The only requirement here is your writing skill, your text should be yours completely, it should not be plagiarized or even partially plagiarized from any other source. There is no age limit. This program is open to all the people of world with a computer and an internet connection.
The content should be in English language only.

To register yourself for the program : Send us the following details at:
Email Address:
PenName: (optional)

** Your articles will be published on the basis of how regularly you write to us.

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