Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Fatal Error

Vidit Bhargava
Mark Zuckerberg -24% , ______-6%, Eduardo Saverin 5%, Microsoft 1.3%
Ans.Dustin Moskovitz...

It was a unique experience going into Exun 2010, without anyone else from my school. I had to participate alone in a junior quiz. (you see if they don't want to go, its their problem, I won't sacrifice an awesome upcoming event for that.)
"Woah! You're Brave" - That's what Yash Singh, one of my gyaan[dot]in friends, said to me after the quiz.
So what was experience like? You see, going alone doesn't affect much, as you'd probably have friends from other schools. "Which I had, Prempal, Apratim, Aman (and other NEPS participants) and Yash were the one's with whom i had a nice time!". Bien Then How was the event like? Hmm... i gotta say something about that too, Na!

There you go! The ever so awesome After Effects edited video of Exun 2010. The event began with a nice bang. From there on there was a nice group discussion with not so nice topics. "Do You think Social Networking sites should be banned for kids?", "Are these new Indian Mobile companies going to survive in the future?", "Should technology come first or should Health be the priority?". The discussion was nicely conducted by a guy in grey T-Shirt (and two others, the ferrari t-shirt guy who looked a little rude, and the curly haired one who was almost very silent.)

Next up was recess, and their came the much awaited, delicious Pizzas! I got a chance to stretch my legs and click some pics:

Just after the delightful pizza, came the surprise. I was certainly a surprise to see what the event was. So they had given us a sheet of paper, which had all those pictures and stuff. You had to find 5 keywords to win the the event. Fine There were a few obvious clues like "Android", and "Blade Runner" and there was a Nexus One also. So i got two right first. and then I tried, making four continuous errors. With 5 continuous errors, I was gone. "Ok, but the deal doesn't include making 5 consecutive errors in different attempts!" So, I went for the next four. And came the invigilator's voice..."You're disqualified!" That was the Shock quotient. "The deal doesn't included making 5 consecutive errors in different attempts!".

Some time back in the day I had even given a certain Junior Quiz, The questions were rather tough, I thought, for a junior quiz but I knew some. One of them was a question about Facebook's founders having shares, I wrote Dustin Moskovitz, I was certain it was correct. But in the last moments of the quiz, something happened:

Mark Zuckerberg -24% , ______-6%, Eduardo Saverin 5%, Microsoft 1.3%
Ans. Dustin Moskovitz Chris Hughes

ta-da! The Fatal Error!

The error cost me my position in finals (I had 5 and the cut-off was 6) and I still regret my decision to cancel out Moskovitz for Hughes, and yearn for a time-machine that could correct it.

Congratulations to my friends, Prempal, Aman and Apratim for winning that Junior Quiz.

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And BTW,He's not Aman.He's Arnav.