Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Robot - Review

Vidit Bhargava
"Robot dekhne jaa raha hai? Best of luck!" That was the message by my friend to whom i suggested watching the movie with me. Of course this would have been completely different in Chennai, where these movies are a real hit. So what made me watch a tamil movie dubbed in Hindi. Bien Messieurs, it was the sci-fi plot and Alan Scott's special effects that attracted me.

The movie has a simple 'followed by many' plot, about the debatable existence of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajni), creates an Android (A human like robot) named Chitti! (Also Played by Rajnikanth), which doesn't have AI and fails at many crucial tasks of human society. Vaseegaran, does that impossible thing (that every actor of a such a sci-fi has done before), and adds AI and 'Feelings' into Chitti. Guess what? The predictable happens, Chitti now loves, Vaseegaran's girlfriend (Aishwarya Rai) ... yank yank yank yank You can complete the plot mostly by yourself its mainly very predictable.

After I got used to the dubbed movie feeling, and Rajnikanth's Super-natural make up. The movie started taking its, shape and I started enjoying the movie. Robot is entertaining. The Rajnikanth Action, which gets more realistic as the character is a robot, is an experience you won't like to miss. What Robot also does, is add a slight sprinkle of humor. So, you're certain to have a few good laughs.

The first half of the movie is nice, its entertaining, action packed, and fun. It is also very interesting, even with its predictable plot. However, the predictable plot works against Robot in the second half, the movie slows down for about half an hour, and just when you start feeling bored, the special effects and the newly designed Rajnikanth comes to the rescue.

What follows next is a sequence of breathtaking super effects and brilliant action sequences. You can't just stop praising the special effects. You see, that's what they spent 162 Crore on! There hasn't been anything like those special effects in hindi movies before. The special effects also make the whole climax very interesting.

You can catch a glimpse of the effects, here in the teaser!

Talking of acting, Rajnikanth is the hero, villain or whatever you'd like to call, of the movie. It's because of him, that the movie is so engaging (needless to say that really!). Aishwarya Rai has not much of acting to here but whatever little she's got to do in the movie, she does it well. The wicked Bohra played by Danny Denzongpa involves some super acting on the actors part and makes his character much less monotonous.

Praises and Praises everywhere, eh? Well, not so, when it comes to music. It's A.R. Rahman's after all what bad can it be? Well, the tamil version is nice but it gets lost in translation in Hindi. The music is very melodious, not doubt! but when it comes to lyrics, Swanand Kirkire (of the 3 Idiots and Paa fame) fails bitterly. The tracks, 'Naina Mile', 'Pagal Anukan' and 'Kilimanjaro' still stand out because of sheer brilliant composition.

On the whole, the movie is an interesting one, which is well researched and meant for both the entertainment loving and sci-fi watching audiences. There have been sci-fi hindi movies earlier but this one makes an impact.
Rating: *** 1/2 [Interesting and Entertaining]

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