Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 10 Mobiles

OK without talking much I will start with the Awards for the best mobiles this year.
-Basic Phones
Motorola leads here:
1.Motorola i335
2.MOtorola V195s

-Mid-Range Phones
Sony Takes the lead, which is closely followed by HTC:
1.Sony Ericsson Naite
2.HTC Star Touch

-Camera Phones
These are the camera cum phones which are, like 5MP Cameras, even 12MP cameras. Sony Ericson All the way.
1.Sony Ericsson Aino
2.Sony Ericsson Satio

-Smart Phones
The Apple iPhone wins it again. No beating to the smart phone, with every app in the pocket. While Blackberry still remains closest to the iPhone.
1.Apple iPhone 3G S
2.Blackberry Storm

-Touchscreen Phones
The HTC Phones this year wrecked the touchscreen competitors' ship.
1.HTC Hero
2.HTC Diamond 2

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