Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Windows Without Walls

Apple's Ad

Windows Without Walls

I just saw some videos from Windows Without Walls! Now I have started wondering that who tells them to make such ads. Instead of explaining they are not stereotype, alone and they are proud of using windows, their explaination goes in opposite directions.

Those dum ads are not even worth watching once. They won't get any medals for copying Apple again and again and again........ . Just do something, sometime original dude. It's just irritating sometimes that they just rip off ideas from Apple and put them with their logo. Okay! If they ripped off the ideas, this time they even ripped off the actors looks. Waiting for next year when they even rip off designs of hardware and dialogues from ads!

In My view just be original, It won't look that bad if you just rip off ideas.... Take an example of Windows Vista even though a rip off of ideas, it is still in use by a few in this world rest of them either changed it XP or are using Linux or Mac.

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