Saturday, September 09, 2006

Zen Vision M

Finaly Creative releases ZEN VISION M
This will give a great compitition to Apple iPod
Creative has introduced Zen Nano also
Sorry for telling u all that Microsoft made it
It's only their software in ZEN VISION M


Mridul Kapoor said...

Good work...any links to vista beta 2 downloads??

virtuoso Vidit said...


FraNkzZ_SwoRd said...


Microsoft? rofl

abe Creative released zen vision m.

virtuoso Vidit said...

Creative and Microsoft both released this

Advertisements were of microsoft product of Creative

virtuoso Vidit said...

Please play the DECODE THIS QUIZ
I will be pleased to recieve your answers

FraNkzZ_SwoRd said...

no dude, Creative Owns Zen Vision M

Microsoft hasnt launched any mp3 player except zune.

If you are unsure bout advertisement, well Microsoft has a software "Playforsure" which comes in Zen Vision M box. So i guess that would be confusing you.

virtuoso Vidit said...

Ok!I would edit the post appropriately! And yes the ad was the confusing part!